HY Realty is a unique real estate company with headquarters in Singapore. This new real estate construction company has been in operation since 2012. They are currently focusing on residential and housing property that is located just outside the city for Queens Peak Condo MCC Land.

HY Realty MCC Land Queens Peak

HY Realty takes an innovative approach to real estate. In the few years that they have been in business, HY Realty has built a solid reputation. They offer friendly, professional agents that will actually take you to the property for sale and show you around the facilities near Queens Peak Dundee Road. Nowadays, most real estate agencies for Queens Peak MCC Land would rather direct you to online websites. HY Realty specializes in helping you find property in the city or just outside the city in Singapore.

MCC Dundee Road Queens Peak

Another reason for HY Realty being considered innovative is they are not only involved in the selling of property. They do it all. They are also involved in the construction process for MCC Land condo, as well as property development of the residential units. Their focus is on large residential housing units that are currently in high demand in Singapore. They offer luxurious, high-quality housing at low, affordable prices.

Developer Queens Peak MCC Land

HY Realty is currently working on a large condominium development split over two land plots. They placed the top bid for the condo project and won over several other companies. One location is on Dundee Road, the other is on Tampines Road. The project is referred to as Queens Peak. These are condominium projects that offer convenience, with shopping centers and much more close by.

HY Realty is a new type of real estate agent. They take part in the construction of the buildings they are selling and take part in the project development. Once these condominiums are built, HY Realty then sells the units to their many clients that are looking for dream homes in the city, or lying just on the fringe.