Crescent Girl’s School is an all girl school in Singapore. This school was founded in 1976, originally as a primary school before it became a secondary school near Dundee Road instead. These days it has become one of the top performing schools on the island in terms of academic achievements. Indeed during the year of it’s fortieth anniversary the school finds itself in an excellent position in terms of performance league tables.

Crescent Girl’s School Queens Peak

For Crescent Girl’s School to gain such a great reputation for MCC Land Queen’s Peak has taken effort and hard work from teachers and pupils over the last forty years. Further more the current staff and students are determined to carry on the excellent progress the school has made since it’s foundation. Success has been built upon success with academic achievements improving year after year. Indeed the school is among the highest rated in the whole country, often been in the top ten or twenty schools in terms of over all exam results. Further more it is one of only thirteen schools in Singapore that has been awarded special educational status due it’s over all levels of excellence for.

Queens Peak Dundee Road MCC Land

Given that the school has such high levels of academic attainment near Queens Peak MCC Land, it is really popular school for more capable girls to apply for entry. The girls that are allowed a place at the school all have to demonstrate that they have the ability to achieve top grades by the time that take all their exams.

Queens Peak MCC Land

Crescent Girl’s School is without a doubt one of the best schools in Singapore, it’s excellence has even been recognised by UNESCO. The school even mentors schools in Africa to raise their education standards despite having few resources.