Queens Peak Condo Development is a new residence community that is yet to launch. It is in location, and presently under construction at Dundee Road, which will be the future home to the queen of a fine place to live. The maximum GFA in association with Queens Peak site and floor plans is 51,528.89 square meters. It is estimated that this soon to be new condominium living space will be able to yield up to 645 units in number. What will be great and ideal about this Dundee Road new condominium to be is everything. What is the everything? Please read on to learn more about it. You will be very glad that you did. Because, to be honest, the more you know about it. The more you will earn what indeed makes it every inch a special place for residents to choose to live.

Queens Peak Dundee Road Showflat Review

One of the things that makes Queens Peak reviews so great a place to live is evident. Queens Peak is very close in distance to the centre of the city of Singapore and the one north development as well. Queens Peak is every inch an ideal place to live and work. Because those residing at Queens Peak don’t have to worry about having to commute and it lessens the time that they have to travel every day to and from work. The time that is saved from having transportation options so close by is a good thing. Why is that? Because it is the very thing to save more time to spend with family and loved ones.

Queens Peak Condo Showroom Site and Floor Plans

Queens Peak will surely be the place of choice for many to want to come to and live. Why is that? Queens Peak site and floor plans will be a condo dwelling that will be close and near to everything. People want to not only live close to, places that offer high quality transportation, but that also have places to shop and have fun times at. Queens Peak isn’t far in distance from Queensway Shopping Centre, Valleypoint Shopping Centre, Queenstown MRT Station, HY Realty, and Dundee Road. If one has educational ambitions, or wants their kids to have fine places for learning, Queens Peak will also be a living place that is close to fine educational facilities. What are some of these facilities? They are no other than Queenstown Primary School, Queensway Secondary School, Crescent Girl’s School, and Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

Queens Peak Prices and Preview at Queenstown

Queen Peaks Dundee Road is assured of being the real queen of a fine place to live. Why is that? A lot of the reasons have been already revealed here as to why it will be a high quality condominium residence facility. However, if one were to elaborate on it further, they would have to add the quality of family life that Queens Peak will encourage for all new residents and their families there. Queens Peak will cater to all the likes of its residents and their youngsters. For instance, all those who love the outside, as well as outdoor activities will appreciate the fine parks that are located near Dundee Road. These parks are no other than Hort Park that is not far from Dundee Road. There is also Kent Ridge Park and West Coast Park that do offer a wide range of recreational and leisure choices for all.