Queenstown got its name after Queen Elizabeth II which was used to mark her coronation. Queenstown is a planning area as well as satellite residential town in Singapore region located on the southwestern-most fringe. Queenstown borders Bukit Timah, Tanglin, Bukit Merah to the north, northeast, and east and south-east respectively, as well as Clement to the west and northwest. Selat Pandanus borders its southern as well as southernmost limits.

Queenstown Near to Queenstown MRT Station

Queenstown Singapore is developed by the (SIT) Singapore improvement trust the early 1950s and Housing and development fund Board subsequent in 1960s. It appears in the history book as the first satellite town in the country. Most of the apartments within Queenstown consist of one, two, as well as three-room flats. Queenstown MRT Station is located near to Stirling Road Condo by Nanshan Group and Logan Property.

Major of the development work within Queenstown Singapore were developed during the first five years of the construction between 1960 and 1965. Over 19,372 dwelling units were laid down between 1952 and 1968.

Queenstown being the first satellite town in Singapore, it has the number of highest elderly who are aged 65 and above. A large number of residents who live in Queenstown Singapore live in 2 & 3 room flats. This has earned it a bad image as an elderly town.

Queenstown District Near to Stirling Road

The further developments located in Princes Estate have become an attraction of young Singaporeans within the area since 2000 which was part the urban renewal. In 2006, Margaret drive was announced to be developed and get equipped with various amenities. Stirling Road is located to Queenstown MRT Station.

The local community has flourished at Queenstown because of the long heritage of the Queenstown district. There are various online communities among them including MyQueenstown which was introduced by the independent and locals in various parts of the Queenstown district. This has comprehensively changed the district image.

Main Housing Estates in Queenstown
There are various housing estates found in Queensland. The main housing areas include; Princes Estate, Tanglin Halt, Duchess Estate, Bouna Vista, Queen’s close, Commonwealth Estate as well as Mei Ling /Mei Chin. Others include Dover as well as Ghim Moh.
Education Sector
Queenstown is home to various prominent schools and education institutions. It’s home to the leading Singapore University, National University of Singapore which is the major university in the country. There are various primary schools such as Queenstown, New Town among other primary schools are located there.

Nanshan Group Condo Near to Queenstown MRT Station

Among other secondary schools found in Queenstown include Queensway, Queenstown and New Town.
The National-University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Polytechnic (SP), as well as MDIS UniCampus is among many tertiary institutions found in Queenstown Singapore.

Other Amenities in Queenstown Singapore
Queenstown is the hub of everything. There are various amenities located in Queenstown and eases lives of the residents who live at Queenstown Singapore and the surroundings. Among the endless list of amenities include Alexandra Hospital, Bouna Vista Community, Haw Par Villa, National University Hospital, the Star Vista and many more.

There is a unique living style which awaits you at Queenstown Singapore. The amenities are of high-quality standards. There are many shopping centers, dining hubs, entertainment joints among other amenities found there. Children will attend various academic institutions which provide high-quality education which equips the learners with skills which currently exist in the world job market.