The best way to experience Tranquil Living Near to Nature is to live it. But, of course, “to live” is an empty phrase without the right tools. Some may simply “try” the concept. I suggest learning more about it first, before taking the leap. Here are some basic guidelines.

* Learn to meditate. Meditation, in its broadest sense, involves emptying the mind and concentrating on a single point, or a series of points, for a period of time. Practitioners often use special yoga postures, breathing exercises and visualization techniques to accomplish this goal. Others, however, use guided meditations that allow them to concentrate on what’s happening in the moment.

* Learn to be still. To be still means being in touch with your inner self, or your true Self. The absence of any external stimuli such as sound, sight or feelings can help you achieve this state. This is why meditation can help you to achieve stillness.

* Find a quiet place where the only things around you are nature and pure consciousness. In fact, nature itself is a good place to meditate. A tree, a bush or a pile of stones may be the quietest place you find.

* Create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. When in a room full of people, noise can quickly fill the space. Create an atmosphere of total quietness. Make sure the air conditioning does not have too much background noise.

* Be mindful of your thoughts. Thoughts cause stress. Stress causes sleep problems. So, to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress, concentrate on a pleasant, peaceful thought – one that brings you peace and tranquility.

* Listen to your body. Sit quietly in a dark room and listen to your pulse. Pay attention to what is going on in your body. Pay attention to your thoughts as well – but do not become attached or obsessed with them.

* Take a bath. You can get a total relaxation of the mind and body while bathing. Massage the parts that are bothering you. Clear your mind of the things that are not pleasing to you. For example, if you are angry at someone, tell the person not to bother you. Or, you can start a game you are playing – one that gets you away from the stressors in the room.

* Speak softly to yourself. Listen to your own thoughts and speak to yourself softly in a soothing voice. Do this before you go to bed. Try it out for about thirty minutes each day. The effects of the habit will be felt almost immediately. When you wake up in the morning, you will find that you are calm, rested, and full of vitality.

* Set a timer for yourself and stick to it. Get up an hour before you think you will be stressed out. Go to your bedroom and turn off the lights. Turn off your cell phone.

* Choose your garden and get rid of weeds. Remove the weeds by hand, and then pull the plants that are not doing well. Do this regularly. You will find that your garden looks neat and that it is healthy.

If you live near the beach or in a wooded area, you can surround yourself with plants and flowers. In addition, if you are a fisherman, add some dead-fish into your pond. These things will add to the peacefulness that you have by living near to nature.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can live near to nature and still enjoy all that is good about this great gift of life on earth. It does take work, and you should expect to put in a little time every day. But, if you make it a point to enjoy each and every second of it, you will be rewarded with a tranquil living near to nature. You will enjoy the scenery, the animals, and the plants, while helping to save the world as well. So, what are you waiting for?