MCC Land is a construction and property development company, which is based in Singapore. The company was established during 1994 for the purpose of completing housing and other construction projects on the island. The management of MCC Land has been successful in building some important and well known housing projects since it was set up, and it has grown markedly in that time. Aside from involvement in real estate and housing projects the company also takes part in engineering work. It is the developer for Queenstown MRT Queens Peak Condo.

MCC Land Singapore Queens Peak

Although MCC Land has been operating as a business since 1994 it was not fully incorporated until 2010. It is part of the larger the MCC Central Research Institute of Building & Construction. The company is keen to gain construction project contracts, which come around to bid on fairly frequently in Singapore. Although the global recession did have an impact on property prices construction projects still carried on. With land been a scarce commodity in Singapore the building sector was not as hard hit as it was in many other countries. There were housing and retail building projects that the company has been able to take part in, allowing it to still have an income even during harder times.

MCC Land Dundee Road Queens Peak

In the last few years there have been enough construction projects to keep building firms in business, and the Singapore government has helped the building industry by bringing housing developments and redevelopments forward. Alongside housing developments Singapore has witnessed the building of several large shopping centres as well allowing MCC Land a greater scope to build things.

Dundee Road Queens Peak

Some of the developments the company was responsible for building include The Poiz, The Santorini, and Forestville. These have been high rise residences with executive condominiums and have tended to lease and sell strongly. The developments have all benefited from been in good locations as well.