Crescent Girl’s School offers a full line of general classes, as well as electives and special programs. The school consists of several departments that offer a variety of classes within. The departments are creative arts, English language, and literature, humanities, mathematics, mother tongue language, physical education, and science. They also offer a music elective program, talent development program, and internationalization program.

Queens Peak Queenstown MRT

To ensure the well-being of the students at Queens Peak Condo MCC Land, pastoral and career guidance is available. They offer CCE (character and citizenship education) classes. A cyber wellness program is offered to help students protect themselves and be responsible in the cyber world. Sexuality education classes are offered to strengthen the importance of stable, nuclear, heterosexual families. They work to instill the values and beliefs pertaining to sexual issues of all the different Singapore communities. Please also see location for Parc Esta Condo located at Eunosville. Former Toho Mansions Enbloc Van Holland at Holland Village MRT Station is available for viewing. Van Holland is a freehold condo located right next to Holland Village Shopping Centres and Cafes. Please see Avenue South Residence Silat Avenue located at Kampong Bahru Interchange. Silat Avenue will be for sale soon located at Tiong Bahru.

Queens Peak Dundee Road

Crescent Girl’s School near Queens Peak MCC Land is one of the best secondary schools in Singapore. They are selective and only the best can attend, depending on school work and PSLE scores. They offer a wide variety of classes, far beyond what is required. They go above and beyond to ensure the girls at Queens Peak Dundee Road that attend school here receive all of the education they need in every aspect of their lives.