Floor Plans

Crescent Girl’s School at Queens Peak Dundee Road is an all-girls secondary school in Singapore that first opened in 1955. Originally called Alexandra Estate Secondary School, the name was changed in 1956 to Crescent Girl’s School when the male students were transferred out.

Queens Peak 1-bedroom

Queens Peak 1-bedroom-study

Queens Peak 2-bedroom

Queens Peak Queens Peak MCC Land 3-bedroom

Queens Peak Showflat Queenstown 4-bedroom

Queens Peak Dundee Road 5-bedroom

Queens Peak Dundee Road Queenstown

Queens Peak Dundee Road Crescent Girl’s School is one of the top performing school in Singapore. Only thirteen schools in Singapore have been awarded special educational status and Crescent Girl’s School is among them. In 2011, they were awarded the UNESCO-Intel Regional School Award and in 2012 the Microsoft World Tour School award; both are international awards. They have won many awards and places in championships for sports. Some include hockey, netball, cross country, softball, and canoeing. Queens Peak Queenstown MRT have also won academic competitions in essay writing, English speaking, literature, science, mathematics, creative arts and more.